Saturday, February 21, 2009

:boxing: Boxing Bits ::02.21.09:: Winter Review Part 2 -- January Edition

Continuing the big catch-up in "Boxing Bits", here are the matches that transpired in January, which kicked the year off big...

Yuriorkis Gamboa TKO10 Roger Gonzalez (Featherweight) [ESPN2]
--The hideous freak-of-nature of a fighter Gamboa is perhaps the hottest commodity in the sport. He has a fierce style, great skills, and impressive power and speed...but with less than 15 fights under his belt (and despite winning them all), he obviously still looks raw and his stance and style leaves him far too open for a well-placed hit or get knocked off balance (and to a possible flash knockdown). I do not see good things coming should he go up against a master boxer, even a proficient one, as I could easily see him get outworked, schooled, and potentially knocked out if taken advantage of.

Carlos Molina UD(10) Jailer Berrio (Welterweight)

Edison Miranda KO3 Manuel Esparza (Super Middleweight)

Sechew Powell TKO3 Christian Lloyd Joseph (Light Middleweight)

[C] WBC Welterweight Champion Andre Berto UD Luis Collazo [HBO]
--Not the greatest of fights by champion Berto, but he did do enough to hold off the game Collazo

Hector Camacho, Jr. UD(10) Sammy Sparkman (Middleweight)

[C] WIBA Welterweight Champion Holly Holm UD Myriam Lamare

[C] Shane Mosley TKO9 WBA Welterweight Champion Antonio Margarito [HBO]
--[For HD's boxing preview, click here]
Afterward: Certainly didn't see Mosley put together a masterpiece of a whipping on the now-formerly invincible Margarito. The hardening substance found in the latter's gloves during the hand-wrapping process (pointed out by Mosley trainer Nasim Richardson, who was also present during a similar bit with Felix Trinidad as Bernard Hopkins' trainer) got Margarito's and his trainer's licenses revoked in California for a year. The punishment is well-deserved, though a bit on the light side, as someone could have gotten serious hurt by such a tactic. It also casts a shadow on his impressive stoppage of Miguel Cotto last year, as well as his other fights. However, as said before, he could have had cinder blocks on his hands and still would have gotten whipped by Mosley.

Robert Guerrero TKO1 Edel Ruiz (Super Featherweight)

[C] EBU-EE Light Middleweight Champion Alexander Abraham UD Nikola Stevanovic
--The troublesome little brother of middleweight champion Arthur Abraham, successfully defending an alphabet soup regional belt (European External European Union)

Juan Urango UD Herman Ngoudjo (Light Welterweight) [ESPN2]

Elijah McCall TKO1 Yohan Banks (Heavyweight)
--The son of former heavyweight champion Oliver McCall scored his second victory in his burgeoning career.

Marco Antonio Barrera TKO3(DQ) Freudis Rojas (Lightweight)
--Barrera won the fight after Rojas was disqualified for a headbutt that caused a cut over one of his eyes.

Jorge Solis TKO5 Monty Meza Clay (Featherweight)

Michael Katsidis UD(10) Angel Hugo Ramirez (Lightweight)

Aaron Pryor, Jr. TKO2 William Prieto (Super Middleweight)

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