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:boxing: HardDoor's Winter Boxing Preview - '08-'09 Edition

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Finally making its arrival, HD's boxing preview (or in this case, more like a "review") for the 2008-2009 winter season is here with the biggest matches, the most important bouts, and/or the most intriguing match-ups of these (nearly past) three months (December to February). Due to the lateness of this Preview, most of the links given are connected en masse to a single post that largely covers their respective month as a whole (especially January). Regardless, a number of top-notch fights are listed below...

::Big courtesy to Fightnews.com and Boxing Records Online for their compilations of fight schedules and results, as well as ESPN::

[C] = Major Championship Match. Only the champions defending their titles are noted as such, though their opponents may be holding a belt that they are not defending.

[NIXED] = The scheduled fight was cancelled, or "nixed". This can happen at any time for any given circumstance, such as an injury or a contract disagreement.

TBA = "To Be Announced", or in this case, "Fighter To Be Announced". Sometimes, an opponent for a fighter may not be announced or set until very close to the fight time. This can be due to a number of reasons, ranging from a sudden change in fighters due to last-minute difficulties, to the lack of an actual opponent having been chosen yet.


Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao (Welterweight) [PPV - HBO]

Amir Khan vs Oisin Fagan (Lightweight)

Audley Harrison vs Martin Rogan (Heavyweight)

[C] IBF, WBO, IBO Heavyweight Champion Wladamir Klitchko vs Hasim Rahman [HBO]

[C] WBO Light Welterweight Champion Kendall Holt vs Demetrius Hopkins

[C] (Vacent WBO NABO, IBA Heavyweight Championships) James Toney vs Fres Oquendo (Heavyweight)

Andre Ward vs Esteban Camou (Super Middleweight)

Cornelius Bundrage vs Zaurbek Baysangurov (Light Middleweight)

Eddie Chambers vs Cisse Salif (Heavyweight)

Demarcus Corley vs Donnell Logan (Light Welterweight)

Riddick Bowe vs Gene Pukall (Heavyweight)

Mike Alvarado vs Miguel Angel Huerta (Light Welterweight)

[C] WBA Heavyweight Champion Nikolay Valuev vs Evander Holyfield [PPV]

[C] (Vacant NABF Middleweight Championship) Roman Karmazin vs Bronco McKart

[C] (Vacant WBC Super Featherweight Championship) Humberto Soto vs Francisco Lorenzo

Carlos Baldomir vs Jackson Osei Bonsu (Welterweight)

Joan Guzman vs Ameth Diaz (Lightweight)

[C] WBC International Female Lightweight Champion Mia St. John vs Darys Pardo

Aaron Pryor, Jr. vs Joshua Snyder (Super Middleweight)

Tim Witherspoon, Jr. vs Courtney Paterson (Lightweight)


Yuriorkis Gamboa vs Roger Gonzalez (Featherweight) [ESPN2]

Carlos Molina vs Jailer Berrio (Welterweight)

Edison Miranda vs Manuel Esparza (Super Middleweight)

Sechew Powell vs Christian Lloyd Joseph (Light Middleweight)

[C] WBC Welterweight Champion Andre Berto vs Luis Collazo [HBO]

Hector Camacho, Jr. vs Sammy Sparkman (Middleweight)

[C] WIBA Welterweight Champion Holly Holm vs Myriam Lamare

[C] Shane Mosley vs WBA Welterweight Champion Antonio Margarito [HBO]

Robert Guerrero vs Edel Ruiz (Super Featherweight)

[C] EBU-EE Light Middleweight Champion Alexander Abraham vs Nikola Stevanovic

Juan Urango vs Herman Ngoudjo (Light Welterweight) [ESPN2]

Elijah McCall vs Yohan Banks (Heavyweight)

Marco Antonio Barrera vs Freudis Rojas (Lightweight)

Jorge Solis vs Monty Meza Clay (Featherweight)

Michael Katsidis vs Angel Hugo Ramirez (Lightweight)

Aaron Pryor, Jr. vs William Prieto (Super Middleweight)


[C] WBA, WBC, IBF Flyweight Champion Vic Darchinyan vs Jorge Arce

[C] (WBO NABO, (Vacent) NABF Super Middleweight Championships) Andre Ward vs Henry Buchanan [Showtime]

Yusaf Mack vs Chris Henry (Light Heavyweight)

[C] (Vacent WBO NABO Lightweight Championship) Antonio DeMarco vs Almazbek Raiymkulov [Showtime]

Francois Botha vs Ron Guerrero (Heavyweight)

Joe Spina vs Matt Gockel (Super Middleweight)

Carlos Molina vs Alexis Camacho (Welterweight) [ESPN2]

[C] (Vacent WBA, IBF, WBO Lightweight Championships -- Funeka Only) Nate Campbell vs Ali Funeka [HBO]

[C] Interim WBC Light Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez vs Kermit Cintron [HBO]

Alfredo Angulo vs Cosme Rivera (Light Middleweight) [HBO]

Ray Austin vs Julius Long (Heavyweight)

[C] WBC USNBC Super Middleweight Champion Jesse Brinkley vs Joey Gilbert

Yuriorkis Gamboa vs Walter Estrada (Featherweight) [ESPN2]

Breidis Prescott vs Humberto Toledo (Lightweight) [ESPN2]

[C] WBC, WBO Middleweight Champion Kelly Pavlik vs Marco Antonio Rubio [PPV]

[C] (Vacent WBO Welterweight Championship) Miguel Cotto vs Michael Jennings [PPV]

John Duddy vs Matt Vanda (Middleweight) [PPV]

[C] IBF Cruiserweight Champion Tomasz Adamek vs IBO Cruiserweight Champion Johnathon Banks

Glen Johnson vs Daniel Judah (Light Heavyweight) [ESPN2]

[C] (Vacent WBA, WBO Lightweight Championships) IBO Lightweight Champion Juan Diaz vs Juan Manuel Marquez [HBO]

[C] WBA Featherweight Champion Chris John vs Rocky Juarez [HBO]

Howard Eastman vs Clyde Williams (Light Heavyweight)

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