Tuesday, May 31, 2011

:anime: Free/Low-Cost Anime Pick of the Month:: Korekuraide Utau (Sing in my own way)

Creator: Kousuke Sugimoto
Artist Sites: Main Site, YouTube Channel
Additional Links: ANN Article
Video [Free]: YouTube

As luck would have it, just one month after posting about the newest work from one half of last January's independent short recommendations, Hiroyasu Ishida (aka "Tete"), the other half from the feature, Kousuke Sugimoto, happened to post his own new project onto YouTube earlier this month. "Korekuraide Utau (Sing in my own way)" is a music video for a song by friend Handsome Kenya, which falls very much into the same rambunctious vein as Sugimoto's previous "the TV show", with its seemingly random comedic vignettes, kinetic imagination, and interconnectivity, plus some kicking music (and nice lyrics, too). While you view the video (which is thankfully subtitled), try to keep in mind that Sugimoto is self-trained and in his late-twenties…


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