Saturday, March 30, 2013

:anime: Free/Low-Cost Anime Pick of the Month:: Nobody's Boy Remi

Nobody's Boy Remi

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Video: Hulu

In the very first edtion of Ani-Journal, I heaped praise onto the classic show, Nobody's Boy Remi, which unfortunately expired on Anime News Network's video service before I could finish it. Thankfully, TMS has been making a concerted effort in making their shows available to more people outside of Japan, with Hulu being one of their primary avenues. There, you'll find episodes of both Lupin III Pts. I & II, Sherlock Hound, and Monster Rancher, as well as movies like Panda! Go Panda!, but the key title here--as you can guess--is Remi (as it is simply called), with all 51 episodes up for view!

The series follows the sorrowful tale of a young French boy named Remi, who goes from having a warm and loving home life with his mother to being sold  for money to a traveling performer by a disillusioned, estranged father returning to the scene. I went into detail over what made the series click for me in the AJ link above, but its high-quality and distinctive animation (especially for a 30+ year old series), its compelling narrative, and directorial work by the late, great Osamu Dezaki make it a very worth watch, which hopefully you will give a look, despite its age and melancholy. Even early on, it's not too hard to see why it is as highly regarded as it is.

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