Monday, June 30, 2014

:anime: Free/Low-Cost Anime Pick of the Month:: Poulette no Isu (Poulette's Chair)

Poulette no Isu (Poulette's Chair)

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For HD's eighth anniversary, I had wanted to do a special series of four Free/Low-Cost Anime Picks--a "particular" one for each week. Unfortunately, things did not pan out time-wise this month and I already had two titles planned for July, leaving the whole celebration special in limbo. At the very least, I want to showcase a little one that fits snugly with noitaminA's own 10th anniversary (which the blog is also honoring).

To commemorate the block's milestone, Fuji TV commissioned well-regarded young animator Hiroyasu Ishida (aka "Tete") to create a new eyecatch, with an accompanying short. The result was "Poulette no Isu" ("Poulette's Chair"), which runs a little over 3 1/2 minutes in length. It is a very cute and affectionate tale of a girl and her rather lively chair, chronicling her lonely time as a child and into her teenage years. It features a number of Ishida's hallmarks, such as his attention to and capture of motion and landscapes, big wacky action sequences, cute and colorful designs, and top-notch animation work (as well as--on the flip side--his love for panty shots, which sticks out here and whose mileage may vary). Unlike his previous, nearly self-made animations, this one was done at Studio Colorido, where he recently finished work on his first feature title, Hinata no Aoshigure.

This was initially mentioned in an April Kibbles 'n' Bits and in the Spring-Summer noitaminA preview, but it was good enough to warrant its own separate slice of attention. Additionally, aside from the noitaminA anniversary nod, Ishida's work was twice highlighted as Picks before, so for his most major break to date, especially for something like noitaminA, I wanted to give it a special showcase. The video is freely available at YouTube on the block's official channel, though you can check out Ishida's other work at his own there.

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