Thursday, June 26, 2014

HardDoor--The Eighth Anniversary

Eight, eight, years ago today, a little unique blog about anime, boxing, and sometimes a drop of randomness, was started, and its name was "HardDoor"--for equally odd reasons. That was 2006, and in 2014, HardDoor itself is spread across social networks Twitter, Facebook, and more recently, Google+ (launched in March) and even through a sister site in HardDoor: Screenshot Haven, on tumblr (there is also the parody blog, Black Pearl Cove, but that has been on hiatus--before it has yet to even really start--with all of the delays and HD taking top priority).

These last two to three years have been quite busy ones with work and other personal matters, so I have had less time (and energy at the end of the day) to work on HardDoor. Lately, there have been many major changes going on in my life--but good ones. Even so, I hope to be able to contribute more to HD going forward.

In spite of the circumstances, this last year has been more productive and successful than I had anticipated. The Sochi 2014 Para-/Olympic Blog turned out much better than expected and was lots of fun to do, HD: SH has also done quite well in similar regards, the Free/Low-Cost Anime Directory & Guide was *finally* cleaned-up and updated, a few of the boxing previews have received Likes on Facebook (despite being posted often at the last minute), HD's Google+ page has already passed 900 views, HardDoor itself is closing in on 50,000 views (though it likely passed that awhile ago due to views not counting all eight years and Blogger's counter, particularly the farther back the count, being a little wonky), and even a new version of the "HD" logo has been debuted on the social page banners almost two months to the day!

None of these benchmarks or achievements would have been possible or meant much without you, the readers and subscribers. Thank you so much for reading HardDoor and keeping up with it through the thick and (really) thin. I appreciate every single view, comment, like, reblog, share, et al. received here or at any of HD's satellite sites. It always mean a lot to me and I am highly grateful for your readership and time. Again, thank you so much.

And finally, as is sort of customary for an anniversary post, I like to share a small piece of background on HardDoor. When it came to the very first post, I was not sure what time I wanted to publish it at: a clear-cut time (ex. "4:00", "12:00"), something "cutesy" with the date ("6:26"), or just whenever. I have a thing for doing things like that, but--whether by coincidence or on purpose, I do not remember--the first post went live at "7:57pm". Reference/joke-lover I am, however well-tucked or obscure (the moreso, the better), the timestamp hearkens back to the 757 jetliner.

What does that have to do with anime or boxing?

Absolutely nothing.

And there is your moment of randomness (and a small glimpse inside my head)

And now, going towards nine (to protect it from seven…)


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