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:anime & boxing: Anime 'n' Boxing Kibbles & Bits ::03.09.08:: Belts, Blames, and Big Guys

:Sat.02.23.08: Klitschko Claims The First Stake in the Heavyweight Unification Race
Wladimir Klitschko started off the apparent road towards unification of the heavyweight titles with a non-crowd-pleasing performance at the vaunted Madison Square Garden in New York City in dethroning then-undefeated Sultan Ibragimov. He stands the best chance out of everyone (including his older brother, Vitali) in reaching the end of that path as the undisputed champion and he could feasibly be marketed well to represent the division to the public--given he fights better matches than what was reported that night.

:Wed.03.05.08: ADV CEO John Ledford Blames Illegal Downloaders for Britain Trouble
In an interview concerning the restructuring of its UK business, ADV head Ledford essentially placed blame on the actions of illegal downloaders for the downturn of the venture. As valid as that may be, the comment came across as more of a petty blanklet excuse than one of actual weightiness. That sort of thing was only one of a number of issues with Geneon...

:Sun.02.17.08: Floyd "Money" Mayweather Set to Take on Big Show At WrestleMania XXIV
Though other boxing sites have been less than warm to applying sort of coverage on this "match-up," Floyd "Don't Call Me 'Pretty Boy,' Call Me 'Money'" Mayweather has recently been making waves in the world of professional wrestling after lighting up the face of the villainous 7ft-tall Big Show, who was whomping on injured wrestler friend Rey Mysterio after a match. The punches, while the segment wasn't, were legit, with "Pretty Money Boy" breaking his nose as he knelt down and allowed the "best fighter in the world" to take a few swings at him in a show of his arrogance, in that the much smaller man couldn't hurt him. Now, the stage has been set for a major event at World Wrestling Entertainment's big annual WrestleMania. No word set on what kind of match it will be or if that "$20 million payday" for Mayweather is as real as the fight itself will be (rumors say it's around ten times less than that, with a sizable slice of the PPV's sales revenue)...

:Thurs.03.06.08: Disney Teams With Madhouse on New Show
Disney, arguably the most famous and most prolific animation studio in the world, announced that it will create a TV series based on its Lilo and Stitch property in a co-production with Madhouse (in my opinion, the best animation studio in Japan). As the movie proved popular in Japan, the show, Stitch!, will be broadcasted and take place in the country, with a native girl taking the place of Lilo in the character role. This wouldn't be the first time that a Japanese studio has tackled an American-animated show, as The Powerpuff Girls, G.I. Joe (the irony...) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have all seen anime adaptations. I've never been a fan of Disney (except for their earlier, older movies), but I am intrigued by the interesting mix of talent involved. This also comes as the studio plans to air its CG Toei (creator of much of Japan's most popular anime shows) co-production on its Japanese channel near the middle of the year (also detailed in the article linked above).

:Sat.03.08.08: Sam Peter and Nate Campbell Reign Victorious in Title Wins
Sam Peter, once (and somewhat still is) the heir apparent of the heavyweight division, finally lived his dream and became a world champion with a stoppage of Oleg Maskaev in pre-Spring Break Cancun, Mexico--and thus stepped onto the road towards heavyweight unification in the process. The fight was entertaining, with both fighters having their moments. However, Maskaev was on the wrong side of a majority of those, culminating in Peter overwhelming him with a barrage of punches towards the end of round six as the referee stopped the bout. A very determined, nigh-bloodthirsty Nigerian Nightmare, with the WBC belt in tow, announced after the fight his desire for another shot at the man who broke his undefeated record...a certain someone at the top of this post and the division. Prior to this, Nate "Galaxxy Warrior" Campbell proved the old story of the hungry vet vs. the gifted prodigy right, as he derailed the momentum of Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz in a tightly-fought contest. Highly-poor cut maintanence by Diaz's cutman concerning his badly beaten and torn left eye certainly didn't help matters, as he looked relatively flabby and not as great he looked in previous outings. Campbell, the 36 year old grandfather (with the neat-o nickname) who was 0-2 in championship bouts, was up for the challenge, and took it to him throughout, winning the WBA, IBF, and WBO lightweight titles as his reward.

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