Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Updates Galore! The Not-So-Long Period... February 2008 Edition

Yeesh... I really hate leaving HardDoor so fallow for nearly a month (one post & an update). There were a few things I had wanted to do, such as the "Decade's Best" boxing list and a Black History Month-related post, but that'll have to wait until a later time, as I hit a busy patch during the end of the month and parts before.

And, once again, I experienced an issue with my computer, this time concerning my LCD monitor, which after over four faithful years, broke down exactly one week ago. The problem, a blown-out backlight (based on the evidence), joins the failed power supply unit to the tower and the mysteriously-busted spooling mechanism to my not-oft-used printer--both occuring last year, both bought at the same time as my monitor--as simple, yet major malfunctions to happen to my computer in the last year (thankfully, I got the latter and the monitor replaced by my family's old ones). The other "coincidence": they're all HP products. The same HP that said that I should buy a whole new tower (*with a gift discount*) when all I needed was a new PSU (still fairly easy to find, despite what their no longer manufacturing it), and the same HP that wanted to charge me out-of-the-blue over their horrible phone service when I called asking for help concerning the printer (in which the representative said that since the product was no longer under warrenty, I would be charged for the call and her poorly-handled and worthless service (her "solutions" had little to do with the printer whatsoever)--yes, thank you for telling me after-the-fact...). While I do enjoy HP's products and their quality very much, I am more than a little suspicious that all of the devices purchased back in August 2003 all got conked out in the past year over seemingly-replaceable parts. I was really looking forward to buying a laptop from them, but now all of this is starting to make me rethink that over...


Since things appear to be settling down more, I'll try to get more of the free anime guide updated (which I did manage to do last month whenever I had the time), as some new services went up this week and some links (namely one "iflim", which has some poorly-tagged videos) need some cleaning up or removin' (like those "off site" ones that have been so for too long). Also, Central Park Media's link in the side bar has been removed due to the site being bugged (exploited by some virus/worm/malware of some sort) for some time (I was waiting to see if the issue was going to be resolved, but nothing took place outside of the store links coming back up). There are a few other updates I have in store, so I aim to try to step things up to keep myself from going another month with only one post... :D


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